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Fibromiálgicos Alternativos

I have to share this page from a friend that has Fibromyalgia, so all of you people out there can have some one to share your experiences and support each other :)


booty workin’
16 years, a little above 180 cm, weight between 65 and 67 kg. I do weight training every morning, I've been a swimmer since I was 11 and a runner since 13. I eat clean, except.. I've been struggling with bulimia for five years. And no matter how hard i try, i binge and purge every single day. I believe it's keeping me from losing the weight I want to lose to look the way i want to, that is, about 4 kg, so I'd be between 61 and 63. I have tried everything, I'm desperate, do you have any tips?

uhmm look, i think you need to find what is your personal problem that its causing you this bulimia attacks and work with that, talk to yourself about it, about your insecurities find the origin of everything and somehow help yourself to get through that, dont push yourself into stop binging, that comes on its own believe me ;) and patience, most of it, and if you need to go with a psychologist, i hope this helps you and that you get better :)  

Hello! I was wondering if you lost weight doing the 90 day challenge. I wanted to drop at least 10 lbs and then gain muscle so I was curious if this challenge would work for that

Hey!! I did lose weight even do i never finished it :/ but i think you should try because even though you dont follow it completely it will help you to make better and cleaner options when you eat :)

I'm always after a sweet treat after dinner, what's a healthy option? xx

Some fruit :) mango, peach, apple something like that could be.

how is your weight lost goign?

i currently weight 61kg :)


  • So im having problems because i dont seem to lose cellulite, so does anyone has a program of exercises or something to get rid of it? thanks =3