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BREAKFAST:apple stuffed french toast baby step buns banana pancakesbreakfast breaddairy and gluten free pancakesdouble whole grain pancakeseggie veggie bakeegg white crepesegg white veggie omeletenglish muffinsfluffy canadian pancakesginger bread oatmealgluten free banana bread pancakesgluten free coconut pancakesgranolaoatmeal pancakespancakes turkey breakfast sausagevegan and gluten free peach crispvegan banana oatmeal wafflesvegan crepeswhole grain pancakesLUNCH:asian chicken saladbaked zucchini friesbbq tuna frittersbread biscuitscrispy eggplant with spicy tomato saucefajitasgrilled fish tacoshawaian chicken kabobsquinoa tortillaskinny tuna melt soft pretzelssushisweet potato chipstaco saladtuna saladvegan falafelvegetarian sandwichesvegetarian sloppy joeswhole wheat and honey pizza crustDINNER:baked basil zucchinibaked macaroni and cheesebaked salmonbaked squashbaked turkey burgersbbq lime and mango turkeybbq rosemary sweet potatoblack bean veggie burgerschicken, avocado saladchicken nuggetscitrus grilled chickendinner rollsgarlic and lime shrimpgarlic and parmesan turkey meatballsgarlic and rosemary chickengnocchimoroccan apricot chicken tendersmushroom pizza with caramalised onionsoven fried eggplantpecan crusted dover solepineapple pork kebobspork fried riceroasted rosemary root vegetablesseasoned potato wedgesslow cooker meatloafslow cooker pineapple chicken verde slow cooker pulled pork sandwichesslow cooker rosemary chicken slow cooker two bean chickensticky ricethai spiced bbq shrimptuna stuffed zucchinivegan lasagnaveggie lasagnazucchini sticksDESERT: banana almond and chocolate ice creambanana berry soft servebanana split cheesecake bitesblueberry-pomegranate ice lollieschocolate hazelnut ice creamchocolate moussecreamy baked pearsfruity popsiclesgrilled peaches with gingersnapshealthy brownie no bake peanut butter nuggetsnutella fudge popspecan piepeanut butter and chocolate ice creampeppermint meringuesraw carrot cake raw tropical ice creamroasted maple papayasweet potato pie vanilla ice creamvegan and gluten free, peanut butter, caramel cheesecake watermelon tartSNACKS:88 healthy snacks under 100kcalalmond joys apple cupcakes apples peanut butter slicesbanana bitescaramel chewscaramel popcornchocolate barchocolate chip ballschocolate chip cookiescinnamon fruit kebobseggplant chipsfrozen banana bitesfrozen fruit popsfrozen yogurt blackberries frozen yogurt strawberriesfruity fun skewerskettle cornmeringue cookies no bake healthy protein barspeanut butter cupspizza roll upsroasted chick peas skinny coconut cupcakesstrawberry and mango fruit roll up
DRINKS:berry watermelon smoothieblueberry banana smoothieblueberry coconut water frosty chocolate cranberry smoothie chocolate milkshakecitrus frosty coco-berry smoothiecoconut hot chocolatecranberry and banana smoothiefresh orange juice smoothiegrapefruit pink smoothie green lemon and pineapple smoothiegreen tea mango smoothiehealthy vegan breakfast smoothiemocha coconut frappuccinomocha madness recovery shakepeanut butter, banana green smoothiepurpose smoothies strawberry, blueberry smoothiestrawberry lemonade frostystrawberry shortcake smoothie sweet pomegranate smoothie sweet potato hot cocoatasty fruit smoothievegan almond butter banana shakevegan cashew ripple strawberry shakevegan chamomile banana shakevegan chocolate raspberry smoothievegan chocolate s’mores shakevegan chocolate, strawberry, banana shakevegan double chocolate chip shakevegan peaches and cream smoothie vegan peachy hemp protein smoothievegan secret ingredient matcha shakevegan secret ingredient vanilla shakevegan wild blueberry shake virgin peachy lychee daiquiriwatermelon frostywhipped strawberry lemonadeCONDIMENTS: bbq saucechocolate peanut butterfig jam with lavender, thyme and walnutshummuspeanut butter fruit dipspinach dipBASICS: almond flourbreadbread crumbscondensed milk housewarming breadpizza doughGREAT HEALTHY FOOD BLOGS: displayed by calorieseverythingdesserts

(via Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies | Serious Eats : Recipes)

Before morning workout
Eat within 30 minutes of waking up so you can jump-start your metabolism. Having some oatmeal, a banana, eggs are all great choice to start your day
Before afternoon workout
Your pre-workout snack should consist of foods that are easy to digest, low-fiber and low-fat within the hour. A banana, apple slices with peanut butter
After your workout
Eat within 30 mins - 1hours after your workout so your body doesn’t start burning muscle. The key factor is fuelling your body with protein. Handful of almonds or a protein shake, fruit smoothie with skim milk, cottage cheese with fruit, greek yogurt with fruit

Cherry-Berry Frozen Mojitos
Strong & fit.




GEFU Spirelli Spiral Cutter (a.k.a my new BFF)
Veggie noodles are the BOMB. Cooked or raw, they’re awesome in “pasta” recipes and salads.
I have a feeling this just made the top of my wish list, lol. WANT. HARD.
Cutter deets here.
How to spiralize veggies without a cutter via Oh She Glows


Yes please :)

I JUST BOUGHT A THING LIKE THIS. they’re amazing. Im in love with it.
Hey, so, first, thank you for answering my first questions months ago. I've still been struggling with the bloating (it'll go down and be awesome then it'll flare up to make me look pregnant). but my question is: When i get legit sick and throw up, does that cause the whole recovery process to start over again?

Oh no, of course not, unless you provoke yourself and star doing it after you get healthy. But no, dont worry about that, im glad you are feeling better :) 

Hi, how would I figure out what my body fat % is?

Hey, so i searched on the internet, i trully had no idea how to figure it out, i knew that there are some body fat calipers but other than that i had no idea, so i tried lots of different online calculators, a lot of them gave me extremely different results but finally i found one that gave me results that were between those extremely ones and here it is :)
Body Fat Calculator :)

And i also found this whole article about it, i honestly didnt read it all but found interesting stuff :)
Body Fat, all about it. 

Happy and positive thoughts :)