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There are a lot of ways to eat healthy, this is just the way I was taught by one nutritionist. I use a strict meal plan to help control my eating disorder, yours doesn’t have to be this structured :)

I shop and do a lot of prep on Sundays since thats my day off. You can prepare before meals instead if you like. I just like to be able to grab my meals and get on with life. I also always include extra calories for a free treat at the end of the week. I think its 100% ok to have a cheat/treat once a week to help with motivation + to help practice making good, less structured choices.

Prep for this meal plan:

Strawberry Kiwi Salad: Just a kiwi and a handful of strawberries cut up with a 2 tablespoons of greek yogurt.

Ground Chicken: Browned, patted/drained of any excess fat, and separated into 5 3oz servings

Baked Tofu: Recipe here The calorie count for mine is low from using a low calorie sauce. I use Annies Naturals BBQ sauce - its 45 cal for 2 tablespoons and really yummmyyy.

Carrot Chips: Recipe here

Chicken Salad: Recipe here I took out the almonds and cut the recipe in half - i also like to add shredded carrots sometimes instead of cranberries.

Baked Apple: Recipe here

Salmon Patties: I buy these frozen. You can make your own salmon patties with this recipe or this recipe (without the sauce)

Bruschetta: I buy mine in a jug from Sam’s Club, but you can make your own easily. Recipe here (leave out the cheese and bread, obv) its great for pasta or eggplant parm/italian chicken as an alternative to tomato sauce. It doesnt take much of it!

How to hard boil an egg - You can make these and pop them in the fridge with the shell still on til you’re ready to eat them

How to make oatmeal

What is quinoa and how do I make it

What is pita bread

What is Ezekiel bread - I buy a loaf and freeze it. It freezes very well and I just take what I need and thaw it when I need it. Its one of the most filling breads EVER.

What are heart to heart crackers

I’ll be posting my plans every sunday or monday <3 

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