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C A R D I O 

Sprained Ankle

  • Hi, i sprained my ankle 3 weeks ago, i thought that by now i would already be able to do exercise, but it still hurts, so i was wandering if anyone knows of exercises i can do with my ankle sprained, thanks!
Cardio :)
Great (:
Killer Cardio, i have to try this out
Lets play!

27th of june (:

So today i decided to stop being a jerk with myself & to get back on track, thanx to the girls who cheered me up ♥

So today i did this workouts (:


Thursday 21 someday of the Blogilates Challenge

So today i ran 5.2km in 40 min & killed 380calories (:
b4 going for my run i did this warm up & after this i stretched (:

For my BLogilates June Calendar workout i did the next ones:


Tuesday 20th someday of the Blogilates Challenge (:

So today i tried to run but..i only did 15min & 2km because it was really called & i got like cramps on my left leg..i think it never got warm enough :/ but anyway i decided to come back home & to do my blogilates june calendar workouts (:

So i did this video at the beginning of my workout & at the end [only 1rep]

After that i did 2 arm vids

Saturday & Monday 18th

So i didn’t posted what i did on saturday & yesterday i must say that weekends are my enemies, i always skip exercises or “cheat-eat” 
Although on Saturday b4 going to my friends b-day & did the food baby workout & the Call me maybe mighty squat challenge (: 
So here i put Saturday exercises:  

So yesterday i ate a lot of junk food, but i coudn’t help it because of the weather ♥ i stayed at my bed ate like a million cookies & then a hamburguer with fries…but anyway i don’t regret it, i really enjoyed it (:
annnd i did the next videos (:
One Pop Song Challenge:

Bikini Blaster 1

Abs & oblique vids