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seventy-five second wall sit :o ok then :)
Lets do this! (:

Saturday & Monday 18th

So i didn’t posted what i did on saturday & yesterday i must say that weekends are my enemies, i always skip exercises or “cheat-eat” 
Although on Saturday b4 going to my friends b-day & did the food baby workout & the Call me maybe mighty squat challenge (: 
So here i put Saturday exercises:  

So yesterday i ate a lot of junk food, but i coudn’t help it because of the weather ♥ i stayed at my bed ate like a million cookies & then a hamburguer with fries…but anyway i don’t regret it, i really enjoyed it (:
annnd i did the next videos (:
One Pop Song Challenge:

Bikini Blaster 1

Abs & oblique vids

Design project :3

So i haven’t posted my progress on the Blogilates progress o anything trough the weekend & this was because i had my design project delivery yesterday so YES i almost didn’t sleep through the weekend & spent it working on my model and investigation but i still ate clean, didnt exercise but ate clean so its a winning situation, i’ve got a nine on my design <3
and of course all i wanted to do yesterday was to sleep so things got back to normal today :3 i did exercise as like it was day 11 of the June Blogiltes calendar :3

my pop song challenge :3 

Bikini blast number 1

and Obliques & abs videos :3 

i love this, i havent seen this type of games in a long lets go, if you send me one i&#8217;ll send you one back :D
Lets go! (:

PoP dares you to:
throw on your gym gear every time you’re feeling lazy or ready to “pig out” and go for a run, or a walk, or a cycle, or indulge in a level of Jilian Michaels 30DS.
slice up fruit (add lemon juice to pears and apples to stop them from browning - adds yummy flavour too!) in the morning to take with you in tuppaware boxes to snack on all day when you’re faced with chocolatey obstacles
Start your day off with a fruit salad or a piece of fruit with your breakfast every morning - I always have a crumpet and a small fruit salad, the fruit freshens me up and gets me feeling awake and ready for the day while the crumpet is stodgy and keeps me feeling full for a lot longer.
Time of the month? Sure, we all need a bit of chocolate at this time. But I’ve found the best answer is to get dark chocolate (healthier than milk) and melt it. And guess what? It’s strawberry season! Strawberries dipped in melted dark chocolate? Yummy, does the trick and is ten times healthier too! :)

Here’s a month of workout challenges for March! In the style of my Day of 100 Burpees, these aren’t to be done all at once, but are a goal number of reps for you to aim for by the end of the day. Add them into your regular workouts to encourage yourself to push farther.
Also, feel free to print this out to carry with you or hang on your wall. Let’s have a fit and fabulous March!

15 squats as well :D



i got “15 squats”  ….brb

"Unleash the BEAST" 1000 Rep Weekend Workout Challenge


Weekend Workout! Unleash The Beast - 1000 rep challenge!

This is a serious fat burning workout, and it’s MUCH tougher than it looks! The exercises are fairly basic, but you should perform them as quickly and deeply as possible. Do not sacrifice proper form for speed.


5 Day Jackknife Challenge — GREAT for building strong abs &amp; back!
Let’s start today! Day one: finished.