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9th of August (:

So i haven’t been logging my workouts :/
but I’ve been doing stationary bike & running on treadmill [its definitively better to go for an outside run] 
So since yesterday i started following Blogilates August Calendar :D 

Today i ran 2km in 30min & did the following video from Blogilates Calendar


1000 Jumping Jacks throughout the day DONE!!

&  it actually feels great, it takes like 1:30 min to do 100 jumping jacks & they actually make you feel active all day (:

The only thing that i hate about this day is that i binged :/ i ate like 3 bowls of this delicious cereal honey flavor my mom bought & ate it with PB :/ i hate binging i really do u.u but i really love sweet stuff i always crave them i have an inner-fatty lol

PB on apple ♥

27th of june (:

So today i decided to stop being a jerk with myself & to get back on track, thanx to the girls who cheered me up ♥

So today i did this workouts (:



Sooo i haven’t worked out for..i don’t know how long but i need to get back on track i have been eating disgustingly i have the theory it is because of the hormones, im about to get my period & i always get like a pregnant lady with cravings & overwhelming feelings …what i have hated the most this days is that my ipod died & i dont have any money to fix it or to get a new one…so i no longer can use mi nike+ipod sensor asdjkflgrfednwkowkpaeriofefjsdsfvgdrfedwsk i HATE that so much..i need to get back to how well i was doing going for a run & doing casseys exercises but i feel like i cant, since i saw the bodybuilder-tailor something on me turned all wierd..i mean i was excited but i dont have any money to pay for his program of him “designing my body” i really need to get a job & continue with my exercises but i really am 00000000000.00000000% motivated right know i hate this :(

Im not sure how i feel about this…?

So today i went to the tailor to pick up some stuff for my mom & the tailor was once a bodybuilder & we started to talk, & first of all he told me NOT TO RUN because it was bad for the collagen on my butt & boobs because of all the bouncing..told me that i could ruined them, that shocked me..i really like running & never though of it that way but yeah im really curvy :/ so after that he talked to me about how he works..he told me i could say to him exactly HOW i want my body like.i should “design” it & he would know exactly which muscles & how to work them to get there, he also told me he uses the method of putting on plastic bags to increase the sweating on specific parts of the body where you want to burn more fat…im not sure this works but he’s been on it like for 30 years..
Anyway he told me i should decide if i really want him to help me on working on my body, he even measured it & have 2inches of pure fat on my hips..i hated that..he told me i really had neglected my body & i did once…but i have been trying to take care of it & to be healthy for at least this year & it kind of let me down to hear that..a part of me says i should take it as a “check-point” because this sr. obviously didn’t see me before & he can’t compare how much i have improved but still i can’t help feeling like “overwhelmed & like nervous or tense about all this, i really REALLY REALLY WANT to lose all this fat/weight i have of more..i want to be healthy & to really be how i want to tired of always having to choose my clothes basing on the “dont look to huge” ideal…i hate that when i go shopping i end up all sad & frustrated because i see thinks that i love & like but i dont fit on them…im really emotionally tired of all of this..i know its normal because of all that i had with my ED b4 & i really want to leave this all behind & can feel this load on my chest of all this “sad/angry/disappointment” feelings that i have i am dying to throw this load of negative feelings away & be free & happy..i want that..but i dont know how to do it…

I would love to hear comments about this :/


Thursday 21 someday of the Blogilates Challenge

So today i ran 5.2km in 40 min & killed 380calories (:
b4 going for my run i did this warm up & after this i stretched (:

For my BLogilates June Calendar workout i did the next ones:


Oh how i would love to eat this while watching Disney movies on this rainy day ♥

Guys, please help!!

I really really really need new music for my runnings & exercise i am soo tired of mine :/ which songs do u recommend me?

Tuesday 20th someday of the Blogilates Challenge (:

So today i tried to run but..i only did 15min & 2km because it was really called & i got like cramps on my left leg..i think it never got warm enough :/ but anyway i decided to come back home & to do my blogilates june calendar workouts (:

So i did this video at the beginning of my workout & at the end [only 1rep]

After that i did 2 arm vids

Saturday & Monday 18th

So i didn’t posted what i did on saturday & yesterday i must say that weekends are my enemies, i always skip exercises or “cheat-eat” 
Although on Saturday b4 going to my friends b-day & did the food baby workout & the Call me maybe mighty squat challenge (: 
So here i put Saturday exercises:  

So yesterday i ate a lot of junk food, but i coudn’t help it because of the weather ♥ i stayed at my bed ate like a million cookies & then a hamburguer with fries…but anyway i don’t regret it, i really enjoyed it (:
annnd i did the next videos (:
One Pop Song Challenge:

Bikini Blaster 1

Abs & oblique vids

18th day of the Blogilates 90 day Challenge

so im a little bit angry with myself because i havent been following the meal plan as it goes so obviously im not getting so great results..although i already got the comment of “have you lost weight” from the guy i like ♥ so anyway today i ate tuna with pasta & it had lots of mayo..which is..pretty bad so today i can’t say i ate clean :/

I did Blogilates June Calendar Workouts (:
Bkini Blaster 2 & Bikini Blaster 5 :3 

17th day of the Blogilates Challenge

So i ran again :DDD did 4.2km in 31min killed 310calories :3

i didn’t ate as the meal plan follows but everything was clean food so i think it is ok
I also did as the june calendar follows [i moved the days] Butt workouts
SO i did the Bikini Booty Thong workout & What makes you bootyful challenge & finished with POP kicks (:


16th day of the blogilates 90 day challenge

Today i ran 4.2km in 32min & murdered 308 calories ♥
Love it, its pretty adictive to run, i must make myself clear i cant run all 32min in a row but i can handle 5min of running and walking 1 min then running again im almost there ♥ remember like 4 weeks ago when it was the first time i made my first 3min in a row & i noticed it is all on pushing yourself to your limits because the next time u run your limits will be farther :D

On the eating aspect i was gonna say i haven’t “binged” meaning eating processed foods in a long time but i remembered how i ate some cookies during the weekend :( but anyway my binging moment are getting less frequent & am feeling really motivated

Besides of running i followed Casseys June workout calendar [i didnt workout on monday so i moved one day]

today i did ARMS with: Bikini Blaster Awesomsauce Arms & Tricep toner [THIS IS A KILLER ONE im so weak :( lol ]

Design project :3

So i haven’t posted my progress on the Blogilates progress o anything trough the weekend & this was because i had my design project delivery yesterday so YES i almost didn’t sleep through the weekend & spent it working on my model and investigation but i still ate clean, didnt exercise but ate clean so its a winning situation, i’ve got a nine on my design <3
and of course all i wanted to do yesterday was to sleep so things got back to normal today :3 i did exercise as like it was day 11 of the June Blogiltes calendar :3

my pop song challenge :3 

Bikini blast number 1

and Obliques & abs videos :3