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Holding a forearm stand in the dirt… Pretty challenging. 

omg added to my goals already
i need to start jumping rope its great cardio <3
Ill be so happy the day i run this fast♥
♥ is perfect
Loved this..its a whole new way to see makes it simpler just have to remember this every time im bored 
pffffff i want to be like thaaat
I hope the day that i look like this on a run comes soon lol
This is how i want to look like!!
Run: CheckDo Yoga: Sometimes i try doing routines but can’t do a lot of poses :/Dance: When doing homework with my ipod ♥Walk: All the timeBike: WANTSkip: WANTSwim: WANTJump: WANTSprint: WANTKickbox: sometimes i do videos & on my xbox kinect fitness evolved gameJog: CheckClimb the stairs: CheckPlay: :oHave fun: (:Enjoy: :DGet Active: In processGet Moving: :D 
One day ♥