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Sprained Ankle

  • Hi, i sprained my ankle 3 weeks ago, i thought that by now i would already be able to do exercise, but it still hurts, so i was wandering if anyone knows of exercises i can do with my ankle sprained, thanks!
100 calories.
Hi, I'm 5'7" and currently 200lbs. I really want to get into yoga but I have no upper body strength and I have a lot of trouble with motivation. My question is where do I start? thank you for your time and consideration.

Hey! sorry for taking so long on answering, you can start doing alternative positions, like doing push ups on your knees, or planking on your knees. Here ill put you a video it is really good because you can do it sitting anywhere, and it doesnt matter that you cant hold the 3min, i do as much as i can and rest then continue. So you can do this video anytime you want and it will help you to build strenght :)